Thank you for attending ScandiNova Users Meeting 2020 – WEBINAR 7th of May 2020. We hope you enjoyed our event.

Below, you will find all presentations for download as well as the link to the Webinar recording. Soon we will also publish Q&A from the webinar.

Looking forward to seeing you in future ScandiNova events and webinars.

Webinar recording

12.30 Intro (Fredrik Mella, CEO and Mikael Lindholm, Senior Vice President sales&Marketing)

30:30 New Facility (Andreas Wallner, COO)

54:00 Product Line (Klas Elmquist, R&D Director)

1:26:30 RF Concepts (Mikael Lindholm Senior Vice President sales&Marketing)

1:58:30 Service/Support (Patrik Viklund, Service Manager)

2:13:30 CERN User Presentation (Igor Syratchev)

2:39:00 ScanTechnology User Presentation (Anton Kondrashev)

3:03:00 MaxIV User Presentation (Dionis Kumbaro)

4:09:30 K-series Training (Mikael Lindholm, Senior Vice President sales&Marketing)

4:53:30 RF system Training (Roger Karlsson, RF Engineer)

5:40:00 M-series Training (Klas Elmquist, R&D Director)

6:27:30 Control System Training (Jonas Gustavsson, Software Manager)

7:05:00 PG-series Training (Jonas Gustavsson, Software Manager)

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