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High Process Reliability
Stable Controllable Pulses
Improved Treatment Quality

Already proven in the most stringent of research fields, the pulse power we generate is now being adopted in high-precision, cutting-edge radiotherapy systems, both new design and upgrade of existing systems. We offer standard pulse modulators, customized design and all the way to a complete optimized RF system. ScandiNova’s patented solid state technology ensures high uptime and a minimum of consumables compared to traditional technology (PFN/Thyratrons). Our high-power modulators handle a wide range of different magnetrons and klystrons. Go to product list.


ScandiNova modulators improve cancer treatment.

We get particularly proud when our technology is pushing the world in the right direction. Sometimes it even saves lives. ScandiNova was selected to supply pulse power modulators to the newest cancer treatment platform in Varian’s portfoliothe Halcyon™ Radiotherapy system.

ScandiNova’s M100 Modulator is an essential Component in our clients products. Above all, it is considerably smaller and has excellent uptime compared to other traditional options on the market. Our products stand the test of time and do not carry any consumables. ScandiNova’s technology contributes to our customers’ ability to develop more efficient solutions with enhanced functionality and performance.

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ScandiNova OEM Manufacturing

Anders Larsson, BA manager Medtech about our new modern production facility for Magnetron Modulators

Proton therapy.

New possibilities with Scandinovas compact design

The optimized systems from Scandinova require about one third of the space and have about 30% higher efficiency than those used in standard, older technology – Thyratron Switched Pulse Forming Network type.

Our compact design has dramatically improved the possibilities for providers of Particle Therapy systems. ScandiNova’s modulators not only have a minimum of consumables we can also offer advanced on board and remote diagnostics providing the tools for high uptime and peformance.


AVO and ScandioNova

World class cancer treatment with ScandiNova's K100 modulator

Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) is a specialist developer and provider of the next generation of particle therapy systems that makes radiation less toxic for patients. AVO focuses on the development of a proprietary proton therapy system called Linac Image Guided Hadron Technology (LIGHT). This LIGHT system accelerates protons to the energy levels achieved in legacy machines but in a unit that is a quarter of the size and between a quarter and a fifth of the cost.

The objective is to maximise the destructive effect of radiation on tumours whilst minimising damage to healthy tissues. Treatment with protons is used when tumours are located near vital organs when other forms of radiation may be less effective or the side effect risk is too high.

AVO has chosen ScandiNova’s K100 modulator together with a klystron from Toshiba. ScandiNova’s patented pulsed power technology creates a proton beam with higher accuracy than traditional techniques, thus allowing better precision and more successful treatments of cancer patients. The controllable pulse will make it easier to obtain the exact proton position and exact dose required. In this way, each treatment session take less time and more patients can be treated.

LIGHT System video

The unique Solid State Pulse technology provided by ScandiNova is an important part of our game-changing LIGHT systems, which will take cancer treatment to a new level.

Nicolas Serandour
CEO, Advanced Oncotherapy, UK

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