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Our values.


Innovation is the foundation for our business and the main reason why we can provide world-class products and solutions. From the start there has been a strong willingness to take the pulsed power technology to new levels and to create a perfect pulse. Our invention of a new transformer with split-core and parallel switching has consequently changed the market prerequisites.

But it’s not only about ground breaking product inventions. We are driven by constant development and to always challenge ourselves in all aspects of our business. It can be about new features, improved usability, general product inventions but it may also involve improvements in production, testing and support.

Our customers shall feel confident in that they have hired a vendor at the forefront, offering affordable products and solutions with superior performance.


Collaboration is one of our values upon we commit to base all our relationships. Our customers and partners are our primary source of inspiration and a prerequisite for our innovative culture. Deep knowledge about our customers’ and end-customers’ challenges needs and market conditions set the standards for our business development.

We always involve customers in our product development, listen and adapt. This philosophy is also applied when we work together with our suppliers and other external relationships as well as between colleagues. All disciplines within the company work closely together and in a spirit of teamwork to achieve common goals.


Thoroughness permeates all aspects of our operations and the basis for delivering high quality solutions on-time. Regardless of whether it’s a customised stand alone solution or standard high volume contract, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers on-time delivery and support in an efficient way. Our thoroughness is embedded in all part of or business, including sales, project management, production, delivery and support. We have well-defined processes and methods that ensure quality and consistency.

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