Pulsed Electric Field


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ScandiNova’s stable, easy-to-use pulse modulators and generators bring new levels of performance to application areas such as security inspection, e-beam processing, radar, nondestructive testing and food processing (PEF – Pulsed Electric Field). But whatever branch of industry we talk about, process productivity always matters. High reliability, safety and power efficiency, combined with low costs and full support, have made us a preferred industrial supplier of robust pulsed-power solutions. Go to product list.

Increasing productivity - Getting the job done

The Split Core™ technology and Parallel Switching™ eliminates unplanned service and maintenance stops. There is never a need to stop the process for replacement of faulty Thyratrons and additional calibration. The ability to modify pulse length and amplitude gives an increased flexibility and working capacity. The ScandiNova modulators offer you an unbeatable productivity.

Pulse control leads to new possibilities

ScandiNova can with its Solid State technology provide a wide range of different pulse shape modifications for every pulse. Length/amplitude/frequency or bursts of pulses can be changed which gives end users new possibilities and features which previously wasnt possible.

For example: By changing the pulse amplitude scanning screening customers now have the possibility to do material discrimination. This opens up brand new possibilities for these customers and there users.

Pulsed Electric Field.

PEF – revolutionizing the food industry.

Originally used in the medtech sector, Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) is now breaking new grounds in the food industry. PEF is a method for processing cells by means of brief pulses of a strong electric field. ScandiNova’s high voltage pulse modulators are making this method possible.

How does it work? The electric field perforates the cell walls of the food, creating micro holes that allow asparagine and reducing sugars to be washed out of the potato in cold water wash. In most cases, eliminating/reducing the need to blanch in the preparation of products prior to further processing.

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