E-Gun Modulators.

E-gun modulators. Solid-state modulators for driving E-guns in a wide range of linac applications including high energy physics, radiation therapy, cargo inspection, industrial X-ray and sterilization.

ScandiNova E-gun modulators are maintanance-free with a very high reliability and also protected against any stress from the E-gun. The modulators are equipped with ScandiNova’s high-end control system with a very user friendly interface featuring a wide range of different shape modifications for every pulse.

Voltage level, pulse width, amplitude and frequency can easily be changed, giving end-users great possibilities to optimise the E-gun.

Pulse voltage: 0 – 30 kV
Pulse current: 0 – 1 A
Modulator peak: 0 – 0,03 MW
Modulator avg.: 0-0,04 kW

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