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Sustainability and Quality.

Global sustainability and responsibility

For ScandiNova Sustainability and Quality is about running and developing a business with high customer satisfaction that is sustainable for our customers, environment and employees.

  • ISO 9001/14001 CERTIFIED (only company in the modulator industry)
  • At least 30% reduction in direct energy consumption compared to traditional technology
  • Minimized consumables
  • High personal safety
  • Electric cars and electric bicycles in our personnel program

ISO 9001/14001 CERTIFIED

ScandiNova is certified to ISO 14001, the framework for a holistic and strategic approach to an organization’s environmental policy. We believe that currently, we are the only environmental-certified pulse modulator supplier in the industry. In addition, we are certified according to the quality and management standard ISO 9001.

ScandiNova Systems AB ISO9001/ISO14001 eng



To provide solid-state modulators that meet our customers’ requirements with efficiency and sustainability. Our values, Innovation, Collaboration and Commitment shall characterize our entire business.

Our policy means:

  • That we produce pulse generators for high power (Modulators) that are based on Solid State technology.
  • That our products shall comply with the customer requirements which includes performance, contractual, legal and environment requirements.
  • That our products shall be produced in an efficient way, so that our customers are satisfied with our delivery times and the company becomes competitive and profitable. The efficiency also means that we are continuously improving our Management system and our processes.


ScandiNova will do its utmost to protect the environment in all our business processes. This includes pollution prevention, reduced energy consumption and waste disposal. At every delivery of our patented Solid State Modulators we will strengthen our positive environmental impact as our modulators energy consumption is less than our competitors and less than older modulator technology.

In our efforts at continuous improvement and pollution prevention, we shall:

  • Consider environmental impacts when developing our products, including attempting to minimize product energy consumption and choose materials and components that are better for the environment.
  • Adjust our travel and deliveries, for example through video conferences, coordination and choice of transport supplier.
  • By building high quality products, we reduce the number of service travels.
  • Choose eco-labeled production and office supplies, energy-efficient electrical equipment and chemicals with as little environmental impact as possible.
  • Recycle the waste generated in the business.
  • Comply with applicable environmental regulations and other environmental requirements.


The ScandiNova technology substantially reduces environmental impact of pulse generation. The power used for generating pulses is minimised due to improved power efficiency. This also decreases the need for cooling water and air conditioning. Customers experience at least 30% reduction in direct energy consumption continuously over the modulator lifetime. No consumables are used in the day to day operations and all use of consumables are minimized. In addition the space needed for the modulator is significantly reduced, resulting in simplified integration and construction work.


Technology is important, but our success is primarily driven by our employees. In keeping with our core values, we strive to continuously evolve and stay at the forefront of developments, two factors made possible by close collaboration between colleagues as well as with customers and other stakeholders. We also aim to maintain a dynamic and respectful environment where everyone’s contributions are taken into consideration; we are open-minded to hearing both new conceptual ideas and views on specific issues.

We also ensure that all employees are able to develop within the company; it’s through their development that our products also evolve and progress. As an international company with the majority of sales outside Sweden, we encounter many different languages and cultures. This puts extra demands on the diversity of our employees, which in turn creates an exciting, dynamic culture essential to maintaining our leading position.


Stability and a stable working condition were part of the initial concepts from ScandiNova. The Split Core™ concept has minimized the risks for personal and collateral damages and reduced the risk of fire. The modulator has a built in protection against arcs in the load. It is a unique feature that puts safety first.


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