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From innovative idea to world-leader in pulsed power systems


ScandiNova originated in Scanditronix, a Swedish industrial manufacturer that laid the ground for many famous and successful companies such as Elekta, GE GEMS PET Systems, Ion Beam Applications (IBA), Scandidos etc. A number of ScandiNova’s employees previously worked at Scanditronix and therefore possess extensive experience and key knowledge of accelerator systems and their applications.


Mikael Lindholm, today SVP Sales & Marketing, is one of ScandiNova’s founders. During the 80s and 90s, Mikael worked at Scanditronix as project manager responsible for the company’s Microwave Systems. At that time, Scanditronix manufactured accelerator systems for a range of uses, including cancer therapy, industrial radiography and major research applications. Mikael saw a clear opportunity to improve the quality of the microwaves by developing a modern and better High Voltage pulse generator (a so-called Modulator). The technology existing at this time was built around Thyratrons (older electron gas-filled tube switches) and suffered from many drawbacks, including limited performance, bulky dimensions, high operating costs (due to the high price of energy) and limited life length (similar to an old light bulbs).

Mikael wanted to find a solid-state technology (semi-conductor) based solution to generate the ideal pulse, which would help end-users to enhance their applications significantly. The challenge, however, was how to handle the high voltage levels (in excess of 100,000 V) while still managing to protect the fragile solid-state switches.


Via mutual friend David Woodburn, Mikael was introduced to the American inventor and high-voltage expert Walter Crewson. Walter had just come up with a new idea that enabled solid-state switches to handle high voltage levels by using a special transformer with a split core and letting the switches connect in parallel. This unique technology, not surprisingly called ‘Split Core’, soon replaced the old Thyratron-based systems in Scanditronix’s accelerator systems. Major improvements were obtained immediately in the form of better accelerator performance and greater reliability.


In 2001, Mikael, David and Walter decided to form a new company – ScandiNova was born! The Split Core patent was acquired from Scanditronix, which was then owned by the Belgian company Ion Beam Applications. Since then, the technology has been continuously further developed and improved in terms of both hardware and software in close cooperation with end-users. A number of new patents have also been registered and granted.

Industrifonden, Sweden’s most experienced venture capital investor, became a part owner in 2003. In 2005, SE-Banken Venture Capital became the second principal owner and in 2019 Bure Equity became new major shareholder of ScandiNova.


In 2022 and 2023 ScandiNova has aqcuired Scanditronix Magnet, IECO, and Microwave amps. Today, ScandiNova group has more than 200 employees and, with installations around the globe, is a leading provider of high-end critical subsystems for Medtech, Science, and Industrial applications.

The dominant areas where ScandiNova’s pulse modulators have so far met with great success are cancer treatment by radiation therapy, scanning cargo, industrial X-ray, electron sterilization, and as advanced RF Power sources in major scientific accelerator facilities (i.e. Synchrotrons, Free electron lasers, Gamma Sources etc). In addition, a number of new applications are being developed in other sectors, including the food industry. In 2023, ScandiNova delivered its 2500 pulse modulator.

Our vision is to continue to be the leading player in the field of Pulsed Power and related products, evolving constantly to help our customers develop their applications and reach beyond existing limits.

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