Klystron based RF units.

Primarily powering high-voltage particle accelerators, their world-leading performance makes K-Series the first choice of leading research institutes around the world. Several models also find use in radiotherapy and industrial applications.

  • Up to 100 MW RF Peak Power
  • World-leading pulse to pulse stability – down to 8 ppm
  • Fits most klystrons on the market, from suppliers such
    as Canon, Thales, CPI, Toriy, SLAC, and L3

ScandiNova’s K-series contains a range of klystron based RF Units with high reliability and performance, a compact design, and low energy consumption. The RF Units utilize ScandiNova’s unique solid-state pulsed power technology, integrated with different types of Klystrons, usually operating in the RF Peak Power range 3-100 MW. The RF Units have extended diagnostics and features, and are
easy to install and operate. They contain few consumables and require minimal maintenance.

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RF peak power: 3 – 10 MW
Pulse voltage: 115 – 190 kV
Pulse current: 90 – 140 A
Modulator peak: 26 MW
Modulator avg.: 30 kW

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RF peak power: 7 – 35 MW
Pulse voltage: 160 – 290 kV
Pulse current: 120 – 280 A
Modulator peak: 80 MW
Modulator avg.: 55 kW

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RF peak power: 20 – 50 MW
Pulse voltage: 250 – 360 kV
Pulse current: 200 – 350 A
Modulator peak: 115 MW
Modulator avg.: 80 kW

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RF peak power: 30 – 60 MW
Pulse voltage: 280 – 450 kV
Pulse current: 230 – 450 A
Modulator peak: 160 MW
Modulator avg.: 125 kW

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RF peak power: 50 – 100 MW
Pulse voltage: 320 – 500 kV
Pulse current: 300 – 525 A
Modulator peak: 220 MW
Modulator avg.: 160 kW

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Different models for your Peak and Average Power

K-series range Overview

Thanks to our modular design, we can offer RF units  that handle a wide range of loads and needs all the way to a RF peak power level of 100 MW! Each model has a flexible range of peak/average power to meet your specification, and also fits most klystron models on the market. Find out more about each model above!

Scandinova K-series

For a wide range of loads and needs, up to 100 MW RF Peak power. 

RF units with Modular Design.

Standard RF Unit include:

  • Modulator
    • Capacitive Charging Power Supply
    • Filament power supply
    • Switch Units
    • Pulse transformer
    • Control system
    • Cooling system
  • Klystron
  • Solenoid & Power Supply
  • Ion Pump Power Supply
  • Low level RF Amplifier
  • RF diagnostics

Scandinova K-series

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