Solid state technology


ScandiNova’s unique technology breakthroughs have changed the rules of the industry. Reliable and high precision pulses lead to improved uptime, performance, significantly decreased power consumption, and lower maintenance costs.

The innovation is built on three principle technology concepts: Split Core™, Parallel Switching™ and Pulse to Pulse Control™.

Solid state technology

It all started with the split core

Pulsed power is a cornerstone of ground-breaking nuclear research, life-saving medical technologies and many essential industrial processes. Implementing improved pulse modulator technology will achieve vital gains in all these fields.

This is ScandiNova’s key strength. Our unique technology breakthroughs have changed the rules of the industry. In cooperation with leading research institutes, we have generated unrivalled RMS pulse stability within 8 ppm (0.0008%), for example.

Today, our ingenious solid-state modulator design is used throughout the world. And it all began way back in 1995 when the search for perfect pulsed power led our R&D team to the split-core transformer – the essential condition for successful solid state. Little did they know then what the split-core-generated, high-voltage pulse would lead to.

Solid state technology

Breakthrough overcame technical challenges

Safely generating high-voltage pulses is a considerable technological challenge. Since the operating environment is hazardous for humans, modulator design is put under enormous pressure. Due to this restriction, everyone within the industry was forced to accept disadvantages, compromises and high levels of maintenance – until we altered the rules with an innovative breakthrough built on three principal technology concepts: Split Core™, Parallel Switching™ and Pulse to Pulse Control™.

Traditional/Split Core

Split Core™ – the secret of ScandiNova

Reducing primary voltage levels brings many advantages, and this is what ScandiNova achieved with its split-core concept. The idea is as simple as it is beautiful. Simply split the core of the pulse transformer, once or multiple times. This lowers the primary voltage to a level suitable for commercially available switches. Furthermore, separating the control and actual high-voltage pulse environments from one another allows use of solid-state technology. Total pulse control is the result – a huge improvement over previous methods.

Even though Split Core™ technology was initially developed to increase personal safety and improve pulse reliability, our R&D team soon saw an even greater potential to achieve the perfect pulse; much improved control and performance, not to mention significantly decreased electrical power consumption and lower maintenance costs.

Solid state technology

Parallel Switching™ – secures reliability

A reliable pulse ensures better results. ScandiNova’s Split Core™ technology led to the development of Parallel Switching™, the concept that achieves just this. Reduced voltage levels permit the use of IGBT switches, thus avoiding the less reliable Thyratron or serial-coupled switch models. This enables a faster Time to Duty (TtD) for the pulse (the time until useful flatness is achieved). What’s more, IGBT switches generate a very clean pulse shape.

Years of testing in laboratories and in real production environments have proven that this concept works. The very first modulator ever built and delivered to Japan for use in an advanced radiotherapy system ran for almost 15 years without any service or maintenance. Not a single part was replaced!

Parallel Switching™ means stable operations, perfect duration and a pulse to rely on.

Solid state technology

Pulse to Pulse Control™ – brings perfect precision

Industry has for many years struggled to gain control of the pulse – to generate the exact amplitude and length essential for precise results – and to achieve this time after time without variation.

ScandiNova has the answer to this much sought-after need; regulating the power supply via a feedback loop that continuously measures and controls the feed. This solution generates perfect precision – the exact pulse amplitude plus the exact pulse length.

And it’s only possible thanks to Split Core™ technology. Furthermore, regulation is fast, flexible and can easily be altered without calibration and testing.

Intellectual properties

There are several intellectual properties protecting the ScandiNova System AB technology, both for the complete system, the power supplies and the transformer technology.

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