Pulse Generators.

ScandiNova’s PG-series includes both standard pulse generators, like PG 200, and thanks to our modular design, also customized solutions that handle a wide range of needs all the way up to 100kW (average power).

Our high-voltage pulse generators are based on our unique solid-state technology and equipped with ScandiNova’s modern and user-friendly control system – ScandiCAT™. The products within the PG-series have a very resistant casing to withstand demanding industrial applications which make them a perfect choice for PEF in food processing. Read more about our PEF offering.

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Pulse voltage: 30 – 52 kV
Pulse current: 30 – 120 A
Modulator peak: 6,2 MW
Modulator avg.: 8 kW

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Pulse voltage: 0 – 50 kV
Pulse current: 0 – 1200 A
Modulator peak: 36 MW
Modulator avg.: 0-80 kW

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Pulse generators.

PEF – revolutionizing the food industry.

Originally used in the medtech sector, Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) is now breaking new grounds in the food industry. PEF is a method for processing cells by means of brief pulses of a strong electric field. ScandiNova’s high voltage pulse generators are making this method possible.

How does it work? The electric field perforates the cell walls of the food, creating micro holes that allow asparagine and reducing sugars to be washed out of the potato in cold water wash. In most cases, eliminating/reducing the need to blanch in the preparation of products prior to further processing.

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