What is PEF?

pef pulsed electric field

What is PEF?

Our solid-state technology is not only useful for applications in particle physics and cancer therapy. It can be used for several other industrial purposes, for example in the food industry.

Pulsed Electric Field, PEF, is the latest progress in food processing. What is PEF? It is a method for processing cells through brief pulses of a strong electric field. How does it work? The electric field perforates the cell walls of the food creating micro holes that allow asparagine and reducing sugars to be washed out of the potato in cold water wash. In most cases, eliminating or reducing the need to blanch in the preparation of products prior to further processing.

PEF is a perfect method if you want to offer high-quality foods, e.g. potatoes, olive oil and fruit juices. Lower acrylamide, lower oil content, higher yield, crunchier texture and lower processing costs – the benefits with PEF can’t be ignored.

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