Klystron Modulator. Designed to handle klystrons in the 25 MW to 50 MW range, it provides all of the features of the smaller series of klystron modulators along with the pulse current and voltage to meet the needs of the larger klystrons on the market today. Can be provided as a pure pulse modulator all the way to turn-key RF System.

RF peak power: 20 – 50 MW
Pulse voltage: 250 – 360 kV
Pulse current: 200 – 350 A
Modulator peak: 115 MW
Modulator avg.: 80 kW

Data sheet K300
3D Model (step)
Scandinova K-series
Option RF Digitizer

K-series user interface.

ScandiNova’s user friendly and versatile Control System with integrated Digitizer gives you all possibilities to manage and adjust your system with optimized performance. All new ScandiNova pulse modulators and pulse generators are equipped with a user-friendly and modern control system for calibration, diagnostics and adjustments.

The system offers a wide range of different shape modifications. Amplitude, pulse width and frequency can easily be changed and visualized on the user friendly GUI. The system also provides an overview of status for key functionality/components, Trig, Interlocks and Real-time event log. With EtherCAT remote control (option) it is also possible to set different voltage levels for each individual pulse.


K300 Size and Weight.

Weight approx. 2000 kg
(excl. oil, klystron, solenoid)
Oil volume approx. 600 l

The K-series modulators have become the workhorse of the research community with their additional ability to provide the industry’s best pulse-to-pulse repeatability along with unsurpassed pulse shape that maintains the flattest pulse tops, resulting in unparalleled RF output stability. These modulators were designed to meet the most critical needs of the high power RF user.

Key features.

  • Reliable modular design results in a modulator that provides an extremely high level of operator and technician safety due to low primary voltage levels. These low voltages also result in far fewer component failures due to reduced thermal and electrical stress.
  • Lower cost of ownership due to high electrical efficiency, removal of expensive consumables that need regular maintenance and fewer unscheduled stops. The high electrical efficiency allows cooling costs to be approximately half of a line type pulse forming network.
  • Precise control over the pulse shape and amplitude allows users to configure the modulator to get optimal performance from their transmitter system. Both peak and average power delivery can be adjusted over time to meet changing system requirements.
  • A wide array of digital data interfaces are supported allowing system parameters to be modified and operating data to be transmitted to the customer. This allows for easy system setup, performance monitoring and data archival.

Typical Klystron Loads






E3729 (24 MW)
E3729 (34 MW)



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