New generation of Pulsed Power Systems with extended usability and reliability

Uppsala, Sweden, May 4, 2016. ScandiNova launches the next generation of the company’s pulsed power systems. All units are equipped with a new user-friendly and modern control system as well as improvements that increase reliability and facilitate service / maintenance. The new systems, which also feature a more contemporary design, are orderable from May 5, 2016.


The new generation covers all product series, i.e. klystron-based systems (K-Series), magnetron-based systems (M-Series) and pulse generators (PG-Series).

ScandiNova’s systems are much appreciated for their many practical attributes, including high reliability and performance combined with compactness and ease of use. Since the company was founded in 2001, its technology has continually been refined and the product range expanded. Now it is launching a new generation with improvements throughout the entire range.

The systems are equipped with a refined interface and feature a wide range of different shape modifications for every pulse. Length, amplitude and frequency can all be changed, giving end-users new possibilities previously not possible. The new interface makes it easier for operators to manage and control their systems, leading to increased efficiency and time saving.

The K-series and M-series also feature internal improvements in system architecture, which simplifies troubleshooting and service and, ultimately, helps optimize up-time. To further enhance the overall user experience, the products have a more contemporary design.

ScandiNova is one of few players able to deliver and take responsibility for the complete RF system, including integrating the klystron / magnetron, cooling system and low-level RF. As before, the solid-state pulse modulator developed by ScandiNova forms the basis all of these systems. By having one supplier for the entire RF system, customers can focus on their core business.

The new product generation can be ordered from May 5, 2016.

For further information, please contact:
Erik Sundström, Head of Communications, ScandiNova Systems AB
+46 70 395 33 95

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