RF Systems with praised modular design

MaxIV Klystron RF Unit ScandiNova RF Systems

MAX IV installation (Sweden, Lund) – 20 turn-key RF systems including klystrons and related RF parts.

RF Systems with praised modular design.

As one of the few players in the market, ScandiNova has the capability to offer everything from a pure high-voltage pulse modulator to a turn-key RF system, where only normal installation connection (electricity, water, etc) is to be made before usage. ScandiNova takes full responsibility for the whole RF system including modulator, klystron, control system and all related RF parts. Ready for integration into you accelerator/antenna system.

RF Systems

Thanks to our flexible and modular design we can provide klystron modulators and RF systems that can handle loads up to 100 MW RF peak power.

The integration of subsystems and components is made with the skills earned through our background in the accelerator industry. Our well-working collaboration with leading suppliers secures a robust solution that meets high market demands on up-time and performance.

Our modulators fits most klystrons on the market, from suppliers such as Canon, Thales, CPI, Toriy, SLAC and L3.

Together with ScandiNova Service/Support contracts you can focus on your core business.

K-series – RF peak power:

  • K100 – 3-10 MW
  • K200 – 7-35 MW
  • K300 – 20-50 MW
  • K400 – 30-60 MW
  • K500 – 50-100 MW

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