Enriching experience exchange at ScandiNova's 7th Users' Meeting

Uppsala, Sweden, May 17, 2017. Users of Pulsed Power System from a wide range of application areas gathered at Crowne Plaza in Geneva to listen to each other’s experiences, learn more about ScandiNova’s products, discuss and share best practice. During two extensive days, around 60 participants enjoyed the privilege to listen to inspirational presentations from leading research institutes, providers of radiotherapy systems and RF equipment manufacturers.

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Different users from a wide range of application areas presented their experiences of using the ScandiNova Modulators. Presentations were made by CERN, CPI, Varian Medical Systems, Elekta, MaxIV, MIT, Posithot and Amsap. The users described how they, in collaboration with ScandiNova, have addressed challenges and system adaptions to optimize performance and reliability.

ScandiNova presented their existing product range of Pulse generators, Klystron and Magnetron modulators including the brand new E-gun, and also the unique capabilities to offer turnkey RF systems.

Requested by the customers, training sessions were divided into three groups – klystron system, magnetron system and control system. These sessions gave the opportunity for each user to deepen in their respective field. The following workshop for development areas gave valuable input to ScandiNova’s engineers in areas such as functionality, service, transportation and requests for new products/solutions.

This year’s event ended with a highly appreciated visit to the CERN Laboratory where we had a guided tour and demonstration of the klystron-based test stands (XBOX 1-3) for CLIC powered by ScandiNova pulse modulators.

We hope to welcome even more visitors to next year’s event, which preliminary will be held in San Francisco (April 25-27, 2018).

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