ScandiRemote — access to our expertise and our help wherever you are!

We know how important it is to our customers for ScandiNova’s modulators to work smoothly with minimal malfunctions. We also know how much customers appreciate receiving quick help with troubleshooting when needed.

ScandiRemote™ allows us to offer our service and support services without the need to travel or meet. We can also carry out FAT/SAT and installation remotely, which means that you as a customer do not risk your project being delayed due to travel restrictions or other causes that prevent us from physically meeting.

Our services in ScandiRemote

  • ScandiRemote Test & Installation
    • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
      • Installation*
        • SAT (Site Acceptance Test)/Commissioning*
        • ScandiRemote Education
        • ScandiRemote Support
          • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
            • Preventive Maintenance
              • Ordering of spare parts

* The option to implement these services depends on the application and country, and is determined in dialogue with the customer concerned. The customer is also required to have an English-speaking contact.

All services assume that the customer can establish a secure network connection with an adequate connection speed.

How does it work?

We connect via video link, and by using various tools such as TeamViewer, TeamViewer Pilot, a tablet and a GoPro camera/headset, you can access our experienced service technicians wherever you are.

You as a customer are required to have an internet connection to the modulator, access to the relevant software (Teams, TeamViewer Pilot) and a mobile or tablet.

ScandiRemote is included in all Service Agreements

For those customers who sign one of our Service Agreements (Nova, NovaPremium or NovaPlus), ScandiRemote Support is included 24/7.

During the warranty period, all customers have access to ScandiRemote Support (office hours) at no extra cost. In addition, the services are offered at a fixed price based on product type.

Please contact our Service and Support team for more information.

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