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ScandiNova Pulse Generator

ScandiNova provides excellence in pulsed power. Do you need electrical pulses for your application or system? Our PG-series consist of two state-of-the-art pulse generators that fulfill your needs. Thanks to a modular design, ScandiNova’s pulse generator can be customized to handle needs all the way up to 100kW (average power).

Customizable Pulse Generator

The modular approach make the pulse generator easy to integrate. It is also equipped with ScandiNova’s modern and user friendly control system – ScandiCAT™. Another benefit is the long life cycle, the pulse generator is very resistant and can withstand demanding industrial applications. Which makes it optimal for food processing through PEF, among other things. 

Leading the way in solid-state technology

Our objective is to develop the pulse generator systems of tomorrow. A vision that is possible thanks to the groundbreaking solid-state research that our products and applications are based on. Solutions praised for its outstanding reliability and perfect precision. CERN, Elekta and Varian Medical Systems Solutions have already discovered the benefits that our technology brings to the table. And they are not alone, more than 95% of our production is exported to clients in over 45 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and North America. Welcome the next generation of pulse generators.

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