ScandiNova's pulsed power technology enables cargo scanning of trains at speeds up to 70 km/h

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Uppsala, Sweden, January 27, 2022. ScandiNova Systems AB, a leading provider of new generation high-voltage pulsed power systems, has recently delivered a high voltage pulse modulator to ScanTechnology to power a linac-based railway cargo inspection system for scanning trains at speeds up to 70 km / h while still maintaining a high resolution of the inspected goods and providing precise 4-group material discrimination.

ScandiNova has recently announced that the company has delivered its 2000th modulator. One of the latest designed and produced modulators has been delivered to ScanTechnology, which supplies RF equipment as well as provides solutions in the field of linear accelerators, among other things. Since 2015 ScanTechnology supports the development of high-end inspection systems and other linear accelerator applications.

Cargo scanning of trains at high speeds while maintaining high resolution requires the use of pulse modulators that can generate high-quality pulsed power with high effects combined with very high frequency. These criteria are met by ScandiNova’s solid-state pulsed power technology.

The ScandiNova klystron modulator integrated into the ScanTechnology cargo inspection system, generates stable RF pulses with up to 8 MW peak power, 32 kW average power, and a frequency of up to 2000 Hz. In this specific case, the modulator is also equipped with a resistant cabinet that can withstand demanding climate conditions. The developed cargo inspection system provides high-quality images while the trains do not have to stop or even have to lower speed, which leads to increased efficiency, improved logistics, and energy savings.

”Working with ScandiNova team is much more than I could ever figure out for doing business in high-tech. Every project is a challenge transformed into an elegant engineering solution. Excellent people develop outstanding products and ScandiNova is the proof,” says Anton Kondrashev, CEO at ScanTechnology.

“We are very happy and honored to be a partner and supplier to ScanTechnology and to have the opportunity to contribute to innovative solutions for cargo scanning. We look forward to a long-term successful collaboration,” says Mikael Lindholm, Senior VP Sales & Marketing at ScandiNova Systems.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Sundström, Head of Communications, ScandiNova Systems AB
+46 70 395 33 95


About ScanTechnology

At ScanTechnology we supply equipment and develop solutions in the field of linear accelerators (linacs). The supplied equipment is successfully implemented in X-ray Inspection Systems, MedTech, Nondestructive Testing, and E-beam Sterilization, among others.

Many years of collaboration with scientists, engineers, and end-users made it possible to provide our customers with complete solutions as well as shape the development of new products.

About ScandiNova

Thanks to its breakthrough technology, ScandiNova is a world leader in the development and production of Pulsed Power Systems with high power levels. The company’s product range covers pulse modulators, generators, turnkey radio frequency (RF) systems, and e-gun modulators. All equipped with Solid State technology.

The systems have key functions in several research-based applications and radiotherapy, as well as in cargo scanning, nondestructive testing, industrial X-ray, E-beam sterilization, Extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV), food processing, and other industrial uses.

More than 95% of production is exported to clients in over 45 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia, and North America. ScandiNova Systems AB, a spin-off from Scanditronix, was founded in 2001 by individuals with long commercial and technical experience in pulsed-power applications. The company, which has its head office in Uppsala, Sweden, has 100 employees plus sales representatives in key regions around the world.


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