ScandiNova selected as the supplier to Elekta


Uppsala, Sweden, May 7, 2015. ScandiNova has once again signed an agreement with a leader in new technology for cancer treatment. This time as a supplier of pulse modulators to Elekta for their ATLANTIC project that combines magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and radiotherapy. Elekta estimates there will be 75 orders and deliveries during the ramp-up phase until 2019 (according to press release January2015).

-Our goal is to be part of and contribute to the future technology in cancer treatment and it is with pride that we can announce that we have been selected supplier to Elekta. It is a privilege to work with companies that are leading this development, says Fredrik Mella, CEO of ScandiNova.

ScandiNova’s patented pulsed power technology creates a particle beam with higher accuracy than traditional techniques, thus allowing better precision and more successful treatments of cancer patients. Another verified advantage is that this technology produce higher dose rate compared to the old technology, without increased power consumption. The modulator also requires less space than competing alternatives, which has been a crucial factor in this case. Finally, the new ScandiNova advanced control system that enables troubleshooting/support via Internet.

Particle therapy is one of ScandiNova’s focus areas and the company early identified great potential for improvement regarding treatment quality and increased efficiency through the use of modern pulse modulators. ScandiNova is now a supplier to a number of leading projects in the area and the agreement with Elekta further strengthens the market position.

Elekta recently announced its ATLANTIC project, the company’s largest investment in cancer treatment. The development started with a research consortium of currently seven sights. Pilot installations have been started and the system is expected to be ready for order 2017.

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