ScandiNova receives upgrade order from MaxIV project

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Uppsala, Sweden, September 3, 2015. The MAXIV project is making good progress towards full operation of the main accelerator system. The 3 GeV Linac is already in operation and the electrons are now being injected into the big storage ring, where the valuable synchrotron light for the users will be generated. In order to create more margins in the continuous operation and securing minimum 3 GeV energy level, MAX-LAB decided to install 2 more RF Units from ScandiNova each at 37MW. The two units will be delivered and installed early 2016.

Dionis Kumbaro, Research Eng. MAX IV, Linac RF Power responsible:

– ScandiNova has demonstrated a strong commitment to meet our requirements, which in many cases have been numerous and varied. Without the ScandiNova modulators quality it would be difficult to reach this admirable stability and reliability of our Linac electron beam. MAX IV Linac, is running on full energy from the end of July this year and is still running successfully inject the electron beam on 3GeV ring. It is proved that MAX IV Linac it’s able and capable to carry out the tasks assigned.

Mikael Lindholm, Founder and VP Sales & Marketing:

– MAX-LAB is one of our most important customers and this is the first Synchrotron Light Source in the world using this unique Solid State Modulator technology for full Energy injection into the Storage ring. The collaboration with MAX-LAB has been working extremely well and their experts have teached us a lot about how to optimise our products for this demanding application. We are very focused to provide the best support we can in order to help MAXIV reach their goals.

For further information, please contact:

Erik Sundström, Head of Communications, ScandiNova Systems AB

+46 70 395 33 95

For more details about MAX-LAB and the MAXIV project please use the link below:

Source Picture: Bild&Mediabank Lunds Universitet

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