ScandiNova receives order from Tsinghua University

Uppsala, Sweden, January 11, 2016. ScandiNova has signed an agreement for the delivery of a special designed Solid State Klystron Modulator adapted for driving a 12GHz, 50MW Peak Power klystron. The intended use of this unique High Frequency RF Source is High-gradient testing and related scientific research. The Solid State Modulator will be delivered at the end of 2016.

“We are honored to receive this prestigeuous order from Tsinghua University that further strengthens our leading position within Pulsed Power Systems.  Tsinghua is a top ranked university in China with many achievements in Scientific & Technology areas.  In the past we have delivered similar type of Solid State Modulators for Scienctific Research Centers in Europe like CERN, Paul Sherrer Institute CEA Saclay and also from Lawrence Livermore National Lab and Communication & Power Industry in USA, says Mikael Lindholm, ScandiNova founder and Marketing Director”



ScandiNova已经签署合同,将特别设计一台固态调制器来驱动频率12GHz,峰值功率50MW的速调管。这个独特的微波功率源将被用来高梯度测试 和相关的科学研究。这台固态调制将于2016年底前交付。

ScandiNova公司的创始人和市场总监Mikael Lindholm先生,“我们非常荣幸收到清华大学具有权威性的订单。这将进一步巩固我公司脉冲功率系统 的领先地位。作为中国首屈一指的高校,清华大学在科学技术领域享有卓越的成就和声誉。在过去的数年中,我公司已经为一些欧洲科学研 究中心提供了类似的固态调制器系统,例如CERN实验室,Paul Sherrer Institute(PSI)的CEA Saclay设施,以及美国的Lawrence Livermore National Lab和CPI 公司。”

For further information, please contact:
Erik Sundström, Head of Communications, ScandiNova Systems AB
+46 70 395 33 95

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