ScandiNova achieves high NPS in its first measurement

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ScandiNova’s mission is to optimize the use of pulsed power and enable our clients to reach new heights. We strive to create innovative yet reliable solid-state solutions and use the benefits of high-quality pulsed power to further improve product performance in scientific applications, radiotherapy and selected industrial sectors.

We work closely with all our customers and constantly strive to improve our service and offering.To further develop our customer relationships and meet our customers’ needs in the best way we have made the decision to also conduct regular surveys.
We have chosen to use the proven NPS method. This method gives us good guidance on what is important to our customers and what we need to prioritise to further strengthen our position as customer oriented company.

The first survey was conducted in May, 2016. A web based survey was distributed to both users and decision makers and thanks to all of you who took the time to take our customer survey! We appreciate your opinions and your feedback and we were also happy to hear your suggestions for improvement. We will take those seriously and do our best to integrate your feedback into our future action plans.


ScandiNova achieved a NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 53, which validates our commitment to high quality products and close cooperation with customers and partners. ScandiNova earned high ratings for skills such as innovative capacity, accuracy and collaboration as well as customer support. The high NPS score is on par with many industry leaders and strongly indicative of excellent customer satisfaction. Below are the results for our core values and customer service.

NPS: 53
Innovative: 4,55 (5 grade scale)
Accurate: 4,14 (5 grade scale)
Collaborative: 4,57 (5 grade scale)
Customer service and support: 89% answered 4 or 5 on a 5 grade scale


The Net Promoter Score is based on customers’ direct feedback and measures their likelihood to recommend a business’s products or services in their respective marketplace. Scores can range from -100 to +100 with scores of 50 and higher considered a “best-in-class” performance level. The NPS is calculated as the percentage of ScandiNova’s customers who are promoters (rating the company 9 or 10 on a 0-to-10 point scale) minus the percentage who are detractors (rating 6 or lower).

NPS ScandiNova 2016

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