Order no 400 of solid state modulator to DESY.

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Uppsala, Sweden, December 16, 2015. ScandiNova, the leading supplier of pulse power systems based solid-state technology, has recently signed an agreement with the German research centre DESY for design and delivery of a high power pulse modulator. The purpose of this Modulator is to provide high precision pulses to an important diagnostic tool for the European XFEL accelerator. DESY is one of the worlds leading accelerator centres and leads the international consortium for the construction of the 2-km long superconducting accelerator of European XFEL, a 3.4-km long X-ray free-electron laser providing the most intense X-ray light in the world. This unit is Modulator no 400 sold by ScandiNova and is yet another Milestone for the company.

“We are very pleased and honored to once again been chosen to supply one of the world’s leading research institutes”, says Mikael Lindholm, ScandiNova founder and Marketing Director. “The fact that we have now sold 400 machines to customers all over the world demonstrates that our technology is well proven and established as the market leader. Furthermore, we are continuously driving development and pushing towards new limits together with our customers to meet new demands and consolidate this position”.

Via its unique patented technology, ScandiNova has led the transition from traditional Pulse Forming Network technology with Thyratrons (a type of gas-filled tube switch) to solid-state technology pulse power systems (high power semiconductor switches). Its innovative technology, based on the three main concepts of Split Core™, Parallel Switching™ and Pulse to Pulse Control™, provide higher reliability and increased particle beam accuracy, both of which are essential for all world-class research facilities.

The modulator to be supplied for DESY is of a type called K1.5 and is adapted to the 24MW Thales Klystron TV2002DoD. It will mainly be used for diagnostic of the longitudinal beam profile with femtosecond resolution by linearization of the beam. Delivery will take place in 2016.

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