New versatile and durable e-gun modulator

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Uppsala, Sweden, August 24, 2017. ScandiNova Systems has introduced a new pulsed E-gun Modulator that meets the high requirements from a wide range of linac applications including high energy physics, radiation therapy, cargo inspection, industrial X-ray and sterilization.


The ScandiNova E-gun Modulator, named E100-i, is all solid-state providing the highest level of reliability, with minimal need for service or spare parts. It’s also well protected against any stress from the E-gun.

The E100-i is equipped with ScandiNova’s high-end control system with a very user friendly interface featuring a wide range of different shape modifications for every pulse. Voltage level, pulse width, amplitude and frequency can easily be changed, giving end-users new possibilities. Standard is also automatic pulse shape tuning.

The first version of the E100-i is an optimized Diode E-gun Modulator for voltage level up to 30 kV and can also operate Triode E-guns without grid emission control.  A grid controlled Triode E-gun Modulator is under development and will soon be an option.

To facilitate system integration the e-gun has a split design, divided into Tank unit and a Pulse unit, interconnected via pulse and signal cables. The tank unit is placed close to the E-gun for optimized pulse shape while the pulse device can be placed at a safe distance to avoid radiation damages on the electronics.

Another unique feature is the option to choose between single or dual energy.

The brand new E100-i will be available for order as from 1 September 2017. Learn more and order!

For further information, please contact:
Erik Sundström, Head of Communications, ScandiNova Systems AB
+46 70 395 33 95

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