ScandiNova launches new E-gun modulator with improved performance


ScandiNova Systems AB, a world leader in new generation pulsed power systems, has launched E110D-i, a new E-gun modulator with improved efficiency, pulse-to-pulse stability and flatness level. The brand new solid-state modulator is also quieter than the previous version (E100-i) and can be operated with a pulse repetition frequency range up to 400 Hz in the standard version.

E110D-i is designed to operate all kinds of Diode E-guns with a peak power up to 30 kW and voltage level up to 30 kV. It can also operate Triode E-guns without grid emission control. To facilitate system integration and to minimize radiation from the e-gun, the modulator has a split design, divided into a Tank unit and a Pulse unit. E110D-i is equipped with ScandiNova’s high-end remote control system featuring a wide range of shape modifications for every pulse, as well as unique automatic pulse shape tuning. E100D-i is available with single or dual energy.

The new E-gun modulator is already available for orders – the perfect choice for radiotherapy systems and a broad range of different industrial applications such as cargo scanning. 

For more information about ScandiNova’s new E-gun modulator, please contact:

Erik Sundström, Head of Communications, ScandiNova Systems AB
+46 70 395 33 95

About ScandiNova

Thanks to its breakthrough technology, ScandiNova is a world leader in the development and production of Pulsed Power Systems with high power levels. The company’s product range covers pulse modulators, generators, turnkey radio frequency (RF) systems and E-gun modulators, all equipped with Solid State technology.

These systems have key functions in several research-based applications and radiotherapy, as well as in cargo inspection, non-destructive testing, industrial X-ray, sterilization and other industrial uses.

More than 95% of the production is exported to clients in over 40 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and North America. ScandiNova Systems AB, a spin-off from Scanditronix, was founded in 2001 by individuals with long commercial and technical experience in pulsed-power applications. The company, which has its head-office in Uppsala, Sweden, has 70 employees plus sales representatives in key regions around the world.

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