New Area Sales Manager China

Uppsala, Sweden, October 7, 2016. ScandiNova is growing and we are now about 60 people in Sweden plus our 9 representatives around the world. In order to further increase the support of the expanding business in China, we have appointed our Mr Fredrik von Hofsten as the Area Sales Manager in China for ScandiNova products and services. This, with the combination of the excellent work and support our existing representative in China, Mr Robert Shen at Tangram Electronic Engineering, are supplying, will ensure strong support for ScandiNova’s customers in China.

Fredrik von Hofsten joined ScandiNova one year ago, he has a Master’s Degree in Engineering and have prior to his employment with ScandiNova held a number of different positions such as Development Engineer, Key Account Manager, Product Manager etc. in various global companies.  He has quickly grown in to his previous role at ScandiNova and I am confident that he will do the same as Area Sales Manager for China.

Robert Shen has been working with world renowned specialized component manufacturers for product distribution and support in China for more than 25 years. His abundant experience and service knowledge in the field of high energy physics and linear accelerator will provide the continuity for ScandiNova on customer support and market development in China.

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