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ScandiNova has appointed a new CEO. With extensive experience from leading positions within both the Electronics and MedTech industries, Niklas Edling was the natural choice to lead ScandiNova towards an exciting future. While impressive credentials are important, who is the person behind the job title?

Niklas Edling new CEO ScandiNova

Congratulations Niklas! How are you feeling?

“I would describe it like this: when I get in the car to come here, I feel joy. I have always enjoyed my previous jobs, but it feels more now, I have a newfound energy and excitement. I can’t stop thinking: why didn’t I do this a little earlier?”

“I really feel that ScandiNova has stabilized and gained in size. Now, after completing the first growth phase, it is time to take the next step. I was on a similar journey with Mycronic. When I started there, we were certainly bigger, with a turnover of about 1 billion SEK, which is now on it’s way towards 5 billion.”

Tell us a little about yourself.

“I was born in Gothenburg but grew up north of Stockholm in Täby and Vallentuna. I would describe myself as a family man with a large extended family. I live in Täby, love being on my boat with the family, and have always devoted myself to all kinds of sports – including American football, ice hockey, football, handball, and so on.”

Why did you want to become CEO of ScandiNova and what do you hope to contribute to the organization?

“First of all, I feel that I have all the building blocks needed. There are very few areas in a company where I’m not comfortable in or know how it should work. I look forward to being able to use that experience and knowledge. I think I can contribute to ScandiNova’s extremely promising growth ambitions.”

Niklas points out a couple of areas that have to be improved to reach future success.

“We need to be more structured, organizationally, and in our processes, as we are growing. As I have done a growth journey before, I know what is required, so we can prepare ourselves for what is to come. I think I can contribute with a clear direction and vision for the future, and also execute on it. It is very important to invest in the right ideas and properly implement them. Ensuring that we implement what is needed is a strength I bring to the table.”

How do you look at the company’s future and what is your vision for ScandiNova?

“We are active in an industry where a technology shift is taking place, where customers are beginning to recognize the benefits of updating their technology. There is an extremely strong momentum in all markets where the company operates, regardless of whether we are talking about Medtech, Industry or Science.”

The new CEO is eager to develop the business.

“I feel extremely confident that we will be able to grow in the segments where we are active at the moment, but also find new application areas. Maybe even manage to further develop our main solutions, so we can offer customers a broader product portfolio and find new adjacent areas where we can make a difference. But all in time, right now I feel like there are large growth opportunities with what we have and that we need to prepare to take advantage of that.”

Your predecessor Fredrik Mella had this position for more than seven years – where will ScandiNova be in seven years with you as CEO?

“I picture us being a much more global company with more local presence around the world. The company will also be significantly larger and recognized as the main modulator supplier globally. But it may not stop there, we may also have a number of other solutions in a wider portfolio.”


Professional history

Niklas has just finished his former role as Senior VP Corporate Development and deputy CEO at Mycronic AB. He carried a leading role and was responsible for the long-term strategy and strategic product management during Mycronic’s growth journey – resulting in the company’s impressive development from 1 to over 4 billion SEK in turnover. Niklas is used to acting in an international context and will contribute with his competence in corporate development, growth strategy, product management as well as in supply chain and operations.

Before his time at Mycronic, Niklas worked for 15 years in the Medtech field. Postings abroad in Norway, Malaysia, and the US gave him new professional and personal perspectives. During this period, Niklas mainly focused on company operations, supply chain, R&D, quality assurance, and aftermarket.

Niklas holds two academic degrees: a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and also an MSc in Economics and Industrial Marketing from Stockholm School of Economics.

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