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Meet the team – mechanical engineer Marc Lif

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How is it to work at ScandiNova? Let’s ask someone who knows. Marc Lif holds the role of mechanical engineer in our R&D team. 

First, a short introduction. Marc Lif’s life begins in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. At the age of ten he moves to Sweden and spends the following decade in Södertälje. At KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, he instantly falls in love with mechanical design and starts early on to practice CAD outside his study time. 

Since two years back, he lives in Uppsala with his wife and three cats. Marc’s free time is filled with climbing, bird-watching and cat quality time.  

How would you describe your role within ScandiNova?

I am a mechanical engineer at R&D. I design new products and make improvements together with the rest of the department, especially with the electrical designers. 

What does a normal work day look like?

An ordinary work day for a mechanical engineer can vary. Some days, you sit in front of the computer and do CAD’s/drawings to realize your ideas. Other days, you assemble your design, which usually leads to new design thoughts. Some days, you discuss with your colleagues about new products or improvements. In addition to our own ideas, we also work closely with our customers and their needs. Usually, it is a mixture of everything I mentioned.

What is the most interesting project you have worked on during your time at ScandiNova?

It has been very interesting to work with and to meet the development needs of leading Radiotherapy suppliers, to develop and improve the products that ultimately provide better treatment, and to make cancer treatment more accessible for all parts of the world. It is always interesting to be part of a machine’s development process from start to finish. In the end, there is always something you can improve.

mechanical engineer

How would you describe ScandiNova as a company? How’s the team?

I regard ScandiNova and my colleagues as a big family. You can talk to anyone and everyone is glad to help when you ask for it. It’s just great cooperation really, and it will be even better when we move to new premises.

Why should anyone consider a career at ScandiNova?

ScandiNova is growing fast and has become so big that I think you can find any role you want within the company. I feel that I have found my role, but if I would like to work with something else at Scandinova in the future, I could. I know that many of my colleagues have switched roles within ScandiNova.  

Personally, as a mechanical engineer, I think it’s cool to work with the latest technology and that our products are used, among other things, in cancer treatment machines, and for research at different universities.

What is your ScandiNova department facing in the future?

The R&D department will continue the development of the new and existing machines. We will make sure to keep coming up with good ideas and inventions. 

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