5 questions for our new Head Of Supply Chain – Fredrik Odén

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Get to know one of the latest members of the ScandiNova team.  

5 questions for our new Head Of Supply Chain – Fredrik Odén

What is your background before you ended up at ScandiNova?

“During 2021, I worked as a supply chain Consultant with the assignments to strengthen the operational, strategic and organizational parts of procurement functions. Before that, I was working at ABB HVDC for 8 years as a strategist, change manager and supply chain manager. I also have a background at Scania and Alfa Laval within supply chain and manufacturing disciplines.

 “In another life, in the early 2000s, I actually took a step away from my industrial path and designed, built and operated a pay and play golf course. Yes, it might seem a bit odd, but it was a lot of fun!”.

How would you describe the private person Fredrik?

“I grew up on a farm with all that entails, so the interest in animals, nature and machines is central to my life. I would describe myself as a social and curious person with a great interest in technology and music. I like to enjoy good food, both cooking it myself and going out to a good restaurant. When I want to escape from reality, I like to spend my time at sea on a boat”.

Why did you apply for the role as purchasing manager at ScandiNova?

“The company is incredibly exciting with fantastic products, with a bold ambition and journey ahead that one really wants to be part of”.

What is your impression of the company and the role so far?

“I’m filled with energy every day I go to work and I learn new things all the time. It feels like there is a real openness to discuss what needs to change and improve. Regarding my role, I can not imagine a more fun assignment”.

What do you hope to contribute to the team?

“I hope to be able to contribute with energy and enthusiasm, to challenge the existing ways of working and drive us in the right direction. Almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain functions in technology companies has given me a good “toolbox” that I can use to take the necessary steps moving forward. I have had the privilege in previous roles to drive change that develops both organizations, individuals and processes. I hope I can do the same at ScandiNova”.

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