Five questions for Mikael Vieweg, CEO at Scanditronix Magnet

Scanditronix Magnet, recently acquired by ScandiNova, will broaden our offering to include magnets and coils. To get to know our new company in the ScandiNova family, we asked five questions to Mikael Vieweg, CEO at Scanditronix Magnet.

Can you tell us briefly about Scanditronix and its history?

Scanditronix’s history covers two separate companies. There was Scanditronix, founded in Uppsala, which developed and built accelerators etc. from 1965 until 2005 when the company closed. Our company, Scanditronix Magnet AB, existed in parallel, as a subsidiary, between 1985 and 2005. Since 2006, we have stood on our own two feet and delivered magnets to customers worldwide, primarily in research and cancer treatment.

What types of magnets and related products do you offer?

It is mostly magnets for the accelerator. We offer most of the common types of conducting magnets used in accelerators to control the particle beam. In addition to the magnets themselves, vacuum chambers, stands, and other related products are often included in our deliveries. We are also involved in other product areas, such as coils for magnetic separators, and have started looking at a new type of superconducting magnet.

What are your main strengths?

Everything we do is customized and one of our strengths is to be a proactive and responsive partner to our customers, so we can find the best solutions together. Our long experience in magnet design and production is of course an important strength too.

What are your main markets, and can you name some customers?

Over the years, we have supplied magnets to most accelerator-based research labs such as CERN, MAX IV, DESY, SLAC, and others. Another large market is MedTech for radiotherapy and the production of radioisotopes, where we serve customers such as GE HealthCare and IBA. In addition to these areas, we supply coils for magnetic separators for the mining industry, coils for the fusion energy industry and magnets in accelerators for cable irradiation, for sterilization, food irradiation, and more.

How do you feel about becoming part of ScandiNova?

I am extremely positive about us becoming part of ScandiNova! Through our previous collaboration, I know that we have a lot in common, including a similar company culture. We essentially have the same markets and so, through this collaboration, we’ll be able to better serve these markets, which will also benefit our customers. Overall, we will have greater resources, which will open-up new opportunities for us to meet our customers’ needs.

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