Eventful week at ScandiNova

Uppsala, Sweden, May 27, 2022. Last week at ScandiNova, we had an extra eventful week! Not only did we celebrate our 20th anniversary, but we also inaugurated our new premises together with customers, suppliers and partners from all over the world.

Event area outside ScandiNova's new premises in Uppsala, Sweden (Photo: Sprice)

Event area outside ScandiNova’s new premises in Uppsala, Sweden (Photo: Sprice)

The week began with a Family Day, where we had the chance to show loved ones around our beautiful, new premises in Fyrislund, on the outskirts of Uppsala. We then continued at a fast pace with our annual Suppliers Day and the official opening event for our new premises with over 100 guests in attendance. As well as food, there was entertainment from magician and Sweden’s Got Talent winner Johan Ståhl, and USC Excaliburs, the Swedish Women’s National Junior Cheerleading Team from Uppsala, who recently won bronze at the cheerleading World Championships. The Mayor of Uppsala, Erik Pelling, was present and cut the ribbon together with our CEO, Niklas Edling.

During Thursday and Friday, our annual Users Meeting was held with about 30 international guests on site and another 100 participants online. The meeting started with ScandiNova presenting the company’s development and product news, including the brand-new Magnetron modulator M110-i. Next, there were seven greatly appreciated user presentations by the following customers: Varian Medical Systems, KEK, Accuray, Reveam, EEC, INFN and CERN. Thursday ended with a guided tour around Uppsala and a dinner. On Friday, at our production premises in Uppsala, there was training for our various product series. Afterwards, the Users Meeting was closed with a workshop on the need for new applications and development areas.

Users meeting 2022 Group picture

Participants at ScandiNova Users Meeting (Photo: ScandiNova)

Many thanks to all our guests and partners who contributed to a memorable week, celebrating a milestone and launching ScandiNova on a continued journey of growth.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Sundström, Head of Communications, ScandiNova Systems AB
+46 70 395 33 95. erik.sundstrom@scandinovasystems.com

About ScandiNova

Thanks to its breakthrough technology, ScandiNova is a world leader in the development and production of Pulsed Power Systems with high power levels for use in MedTech, Industrial and Science applications. The company’s product range covers pulse modulators, generators, turnkey radio frequency (RF) systems, E-gun modulators and Pulsed Electric Field Modulators all equipped with Solid State technology.

More than 95% of production is exported to clients in over 45 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia, and North America. ScandiNova Systems AB, a spin-off from Scanditronix, was founded in 2001 by individuals with long commercial and technical experience in pulsed-power applications. The company, which has its head office in Uppsala, Sweden, has 100 employees plus sales representatives in key regions around the world.


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