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Enabling The Future Through Pulsed Power.

Radiation therapy, scientific research and various industrial processes – these are all contexts for which pulsed power is the essential cornerstone. ScandiNova is a world-leading provider of solid-state high-power pulse modulators and RF systems.

Application areas.

Leading the way in
solid-state technology.

Based in Uppsala, Sweden, ScandiNova is developing the cutting edge pulsed power systems of tomorrow. Our unique products and applications originate from years of groundbreaking solid-state research. With our patented technology, outstanding reliability and perfect precision we are changing the playing field of a whole industry.

A revolutionary technological shift that already has awarded us collaborations with internationally recognized organizations such as CERN, Elekta and Varian Medical Systems. Proving that our unique technology is rapidly becoming the new market standard among the world’s largest suppliers of radiotherapy equipment, industrial x-ray and other industrial applications.

"A dynamic environment with very competent colleagues"

/ Ola Robberts, Mechanical Design Engineer

Right now we find ourselves at an exciting phase in our company history. ScandiNova is at the threshold of creating something truly special. Besides moving to brand new facilities, we will in the next five years go from 70 to about 150 employees – recruiting engineers, testing personnel, marketing experts and other business positions.

Welcome to a company that above all else values team spirit. Help us form the future of pulsed power.

ScandiNova modulators improve cancer treatment.

We get particularly proud when our technology is pushing the world in the right direction. Sometimes it even saves lives. ScandiNova was selected to supply pulsed power modulators to the newest cancer treatment platform in the Varian Medical Systems portfoliothe Halcyon™ Radiotherapy system.

ScandiNova’s M100 Modulator is an essential component in our clients products. Above all, it is considerably smaller and has excellent uptime compared to other traditional options on the market. Our products stand the test of time and do not carry any consumables. ScandiNova’s technology contributes to our Customers´ ability to develop more efficient solutions with enhanced functionality and performance.

Looking back and ahead.

Everyone should have a five-year plan. Below is both our past and our future.

  • 2001

  • The journey begins. With the Split Core Parallel Switching patent acquired, Mikael Lindholm, David Woodburn and Walter Crewson formed ScandiNova.

  • 2009

  • We receive the first order from CERN.

  • 2017

  • About 16 years later since day one, ScandiNova reached a decisive milestone, selling its 500th pulsed power modulator.

  • 2017

  • Inauguration of a new modern, completely IT-based production facility, that gives the company a significant increase in capacity.

  • 2017-18

  • OEM agreement is signed with Varian Medical Systems and Elekta.

  • 2020

  • To be able to meet the coming years of company growth, we are moving our offices to brand new facilities in Uppsala Business Park during 2020.

  • 2024

  • In five years time, ScandiNova will, besides keep helping our clients reach new levels, employ another hundred talents for different positions, strengthening the current team of 65 employees to around 150.


Help us form the future of pulsed power.

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