Varian - Innovative cancer treatment with ScandiNova modulator inside

Imagine a world without fear of cancer. Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, can. ScandiNova has the pleasure to play a vital part in this journey.

Since 1948, the California based company has been a leader in helping to advance radiotherapy, radiosurgery, and many other vital cancer-fighting tools. Their impressive portfolio of innovations have shown time and time again that cancer really is beatable. Together with ScandiNova, they have taken another remarkable leap in cancer treatment.

Halcyon™ Radiotherapy System

At the time, Varian was developing a completely new radiotherapy system, the Halcyon™. The end product had to be smaller, affordable and easy to use, even for non-professionals. All features that were intended to meet the increased need in developing countries.

The design and performance of the Pulse Modulator, which is the power source, and one of the most vital parts of a radiotherapy system, played an important role in enabling Varian to meet its tough requirements.

ScandiNova’s pulse modulator met the specific requirements of the new treatment system and provided the highest level of reliability, accessible service, and minimized consumables. Varian decided to leave the old technology behind. The small size and low weight have simplified the implementation of this high-end treatment machine and allows quick and easy installation of the entire system.

Halcyon Varian

The pulse modulator is based on ScandiNova’s M100-i platform

The unit forms a key component, powering both the magnetron and the electron gun in the radiotherapy system. ScandiNova Systems delivers a significant number of pulse modulators every year to Varian.


“ScandiNova has been a partner in this project and has been completely committed in supporting us and meeting our requirements. We are proud to work with ScandiNova and we think that the result of a product based on ScandiNova’s technology and Varian’s engineering and expertise truly will change the way cancer treatment is done in the world.”

Ed Snyder
Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company

“We are very proud to be a trusted partner of Varian, and to contribute to the next generation of cancer treatment. We have had a very good and rewarding collaboration with Varian and look forward to a long and exciting future together”

Klas Elmquist
Product Manager, ScandiNova Systems

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