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We love when our products are used to improve the lives of others. For about 5 years, ScandiNova has had the privilege to be a part of Elekta’s groundbreaking radiation therapy solutions.

Elekta have a long legacy of innovation. Ever since the beginning, almost five decades ago, this Swedish medical technology company has been a leader in precision radiation medicine. Legendary professor and founder Lars Leksell laid the groundwork when he introduced the advanced radiosurgical platform Leksell Gamma Knife® to the world in 1972.

Elekta Radiation Therapy

Revolutionizing leap in radiation therapy

ScandiNova have collaborated with Elekta since 2014. During a five year period, with a team based in London, ScandiNova have been a part of Elekta’s largest investment in cancer treatment to this date – Unity. Elekta Unity combines magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and radiation therapy. Equipped with surgical precision RT, Elekta Unity makes it possible to see the target and identify soft tissue during treatment. Providing excellent precision beam delivery that are tailored to target the tumor and at the same time protect the patient.

Elekta Radiation Therapy

ScandiNova Pulse Modulator M100-i

To be able to run this kind of radiation therapy system you need pulsed power with high reliability and performance in a compact unit. ScandiNova’s pulse modulator M-100-i was customized to serve this completely new system – which meant a shift from PFN to solid-state, making it modified for magnetic field, fully rotatable, compact, lightweight and easily accessible for installation and maintenance.

The final product is a radiation therapy system with exceptional reliability. In 2018, Elekta finally released the product at Estro, got it CE-approved and cleared by the FDA. We can’t wait to see what the next chapter of Elekta radiation therapy will contain.

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