CERN – Accelerating Particles Through Pulsed Power

CERN is the birthplace of countless scientific achievements. The cradle of modern nuclear research. We are very proud to contribute to this impressive tradition.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research was established in 1954 and operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. The Geneva-based research organization is globally recognized for its groundbreaking experiments with accelerating particles.


The mission

The first contact Scandinova’s co-founder Mikael Lindholm had with CERN took place during a job interview in 1993. However, it would not be until 1999 that the company developed a system that would end up at CERN. ScandiNova presented a revolutionizing solid-state technology that interested the CERN team and over time led to new projects including our high-power pulse modulators.


The outcome

ScandiNova has over years delivered a total of eight custom made solid state systems to CERN. The latest, a small test modulator, was delivered in 2017.

What do our modulators add to the CERN project? The most important features, compared to the old technology, are better reliability, pulse performance, greater overall stability and the ability to develop a compact system that takes up less space.
Last but not least: better diagnostics and a dynamic interface where the user is able to adjust the pulse length and shape.


“The performance of the ScandiNova solid-state modulators complies with the high-power demands of the particle physics user community and provides excellent pulse to pulse stability, flatness and repeatability. Their high precision and reliability ensure the stable RF power essential for accelerating particles. What’s more, ScandiNova is very proactive. They listen to our needs and help improve the results of our research programs.”

Gerard McMonagle
Engineer, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

“CERN holds the position as the world’s largest and most important international research institute in their fields. The collaboration with CERN has been fantastic in many ways. We have very much felt as one team together. Easy to communicate and collaborate with and always extremely helpful. We have learned a lot from the experienced team at CERN and they have pushed us to reach beyond existing performance limits required for the future Scientific Research tools. We are looking forward to continue our successful collaboration.”

Mikael Lindholm
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Scandinova Systems

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