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excellence in pulsed power

“The performance of the ScandiNova solid-state modulators comply with the high-power demands of the particle physics user community and provide excellent pulse to pulse stability, flatness and repeatability”
Gerard McMonagle, Engineer, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
“The unique Solid State Pulse technology provided by ScandiNova is an important part of our game-changing LIGHT systems, which will take cancer treatment to a new level.“
Sanjeev Pandya, Executive Vice President, Advanced Oncotherapy, UK
“Without the ScandiNova modulators’ quality it would be difficult to reach this admirable stability and reliability of our Linac electron beam.“
Dionis Kumbaro, Research Engineer, MAX IV, Sweden

Pulsed power systems with outstanding reliability and precision

ScandiNova is a leading provider of solid-state high-power pulse modulators and RF systems. Our patented split-core concept is proven by most of the major research facilities in the world, integrated into cutting-edge radiotherapy systems, and used in a range of demanding industrial applications such as cargo-scanning and non-destructive testing.

Explore our range of customizable pulsed power products and read about how our unique technology enables new levels of reliability and precision.

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June 11th, 2019

Uppsala, 11 June, 2019. The investment company Bure Equity AB (Bure) acquires 24.4% of the shares in ScandiNova Systems AB.

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ScandiNova in 90 seconds - Grow with us

Scandinova systems AV

ScandiNova's mission is to enabling our customers to reach new limits by optimizing the use of Pulsed Power. We want our colleagues, customers and partners to grow with us!

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April 17th, 2019

Uppsala, Sweden, April 17, 2019. ScandiNova Systems AB, a world leader in new generation pulsed power systems, has received an order of two high-voltage Modulators for X-Band Klystron from Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY.  The Pulse Modulators will be installed at the accelerator research facility “SINBAD-ARES” to power two X-band transverse deflection structures. Delivery is expected to take place in January 2020.   

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New generation of pulsed power systems

ScandiNova offers a comprehensive range for various applications. Explore our klystron systems (K-Series), magnetron systems (M-Series) or pulse generators (PG-Series). We also offer complete RF solutions, integrating, optimizing and taking full responsibility, thus enabling you to focus on your core business.

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Customer testimonials

“The performance of the ScandiNova solid-state modulators comply with the high-power demands of the particle physics user community and provide excellent pulse to pulse stability, flatness and repeatability. Their high precision and reliability ensure the stable RF power essential for accelerating particles. What’s more, ScandiNova is very proactive. They listen to our needs and help improve the results of our research programs.”

Gerard McMonagle, Engineer, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland


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ScandiNova Users Meeting 2019 – recap of three intense days in Tokyo

May 23rd, 2019

Uppsala, Sweden, May 23, 2019. During three packed days, May 15th to 17th, users from all of the world gathered in Tokyo to exchange their experiences and get the latest updates on the ScandiNova product portfolio. A total of about 50 participants, from a wide range of application areas, attended this year’s Users Meeting. The program included a dozen presentations from users operating in areas such as radiotherapy, security inspection, food processing and scientific research.

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ScandiNova Pulsed Power Technology

ScandiNova Systems AB

Mikael Lindholm, founder and Senior VP Sales & Marketing, about ScandiNova, our breakthrough technology and its advantages over traditional technology.

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Case: Varian Medical Systems

ScandiNova has been selected as the supplier of pulse modulators to the newest treatment platform in the Varian portfolio - Halcyon™ Radiotherapy system.

ScandiNova’s pulse modulator met the specific requirements of Varian Medical System’s new treatment system, namely highest level of reliability, minimized consumables or need for service. Read more about this and other cases. 

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