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Extend product life-time and optimize your investment with ScandiNova service & support

ScandiNova Service & Support extends the working life and optimizes the performance of your investment. Our range of service agreements also creates secure ownership with maximum up-time and low Cost of Ownership 


ScandiNova is committed to providing the very finest products on the market. However, to ensure optimal performance for years to come and peace of mind in any situation, we offer a broad package of service and support solutions.

Over 15 years’ experience as a leading manufacturer and supplier of modern solid-state modulator and RF units has given us invaluable knowledge about preventive maintenance, trouble-shooting and rapid operative measures. We can proudly promise that we have an unbeatable team of highly-experienced service technicians who are dedicated to helping optimize up-time and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The following services can be ordered separately or in packaged agreements (see below). Costs and details are determined for each respective agreement.


We extend our original warranty (1 year) to apply during the term of the agreement, which means that we will repair any product error at no extra cost. This assumes normal operation and that the error was not caused by the user or other equipment. For more information, refer to Orgalime S 2012.


Access to ScandiNova’s support team via e-mail, telephone and remote desktop connection. Support with, for example, trouble-shooting, settings and fine-tuning.


Normally conducted 1-2 times/year by our skilled technicians with all materials included free-of-charge. Overall system and component check-ups on-site, as well as preventive maintenance measures that follow a predefined plan of action at specific time intervals. Repairs and adjustments are based on normal usage (see Extended Warranty).


ScandiNova systems use only the highest quality components and we provide original consumables and spare parts. Terms, conditions of delivery and costs are determined according to customer needs. If requested, we can offer delivery-on-demand for key spare parts.


Superior on-site service in case of emergency breakdown of contracted equipment during the service agreement period. Service on-call, travel start-up within 24h if the problem can’t be solved by remote connection. Time-to-site depends on geographic location.


Training for operators and maintenance staff, e.g. in-house trainers, end-users or local engineers. Performed on-site or at ScandiNova’s head office in Uppsala, Sweden, to ensure the best possible technical support and assistance.


Our tailored service solutions Nova™, Nova Plus™ and Nova Premium™, which all meet the highest support and service standards, extend the service life and maintain the superior performance of your pulsed-power system.

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Note: Other service offerings can be added to all agreements.

Our basic service agreement secures access to our trained service/support experts when unforeseen issues occur, as well as an extended warranty. This service agreement is for customers who manage their own maintenance but still want the security of prioritized help when necessary. Remote connectivity in our modulators enables online trouble-shooting, saving both time and cost.

Nova Plus™
A service agreement for customers who manage their own maintenance, but who still have high demands for up-time and performance. Nova Plus™ includes an extended warranty and gives you prioritized access to ScandiNova’s trained service/support experts 24/7 with immediate measures. This means that we start handling the matter within one hour and as soon as the customer gives us the opportunity, we connect to the modulator to begin trouble-shooting. PC remote connectivity is a prerequisite for signing a Plus agreement.

Nova Premium™
This is truly a premium service agreement. We take full responsibility for service, maintenance and repairs with prioritized support 24/7. It’s the perfect choice for applications where high up-time, consistent product quality and cost control are crucial. We make sure that your system is always in peak condition so that you can focus on your core business. Remote connectivity in our modulators enables us to trouble-shoot online, saving both time and cost. This is a prerequisite for signing a Premium Agreement.

Regardless of levels and scope, our support can be tailored to your needs.


Lars-Erik Mineur, Service Manager


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