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High energy physics labs and researchers all over the world are chasing new discoveries. Scientific projects are often very demanding with high requirements on reliability and performance. ScandiNova’s pulse modulators are built to meet these high demands with world leading uptime and pulse quality. Thanks to our unique solid-state technology we are a trusted partner among leading institutes and laboratorys all over the world, providing pulse modulators as well as turn-key RF systems with up to 100 MW peak power and pulse-to-pulse stability of record low levels, down to 8 ppm.

ScandiNova provides solutions for all types of science applications, such as collidors, free electron lazers and synchroton light sources. See references.

As one of the few players in the market, ScandiNova has the capability to offer a complete optimized RF systemGo to product list.


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November 28th, 2018

UPPSALA, SWEDEN November 28, 2018. ScandiNova Systems AB, a world leader in new generation pulsed power systems, has received an order of a complete high-voltage RF system from Eindhoven University of Technology. The RF system will be powering a compact and portable X-ray source, called Smart*Light. Delivery is expected to take place in august 2019.   

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The newly inaugurated MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden is providing scientists with the brightest X-ray light in the world. The emitted electron beam is accelerated by 20 ScandiNova RF systems with patented solid state technology. 

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High Voltage Klystron modulators and RF units Primarily key components of high-power particle accelerators, their world-leading performance makes K-Series the first choice of leading research institutes around the world. Several models also find use in radiotherapy and industrial applications. We offer everything from a pure high-voltage pulse modulator to a turn-key RF unit including klystron, control system and related components. Thanks to our modular design we can offer modulators that handle a wide range of loads all the way up to 100 MW RF peak power. 


High Voltage Magnetron modulators and RF units Mainly used in radiation therapy and a range of industrial applications, such as radar, cargo inspection and nondestructive testing. Compactness is a major M-Series attribute. Our systems require about one third of the space of alternative solutions yet still offer around 30% higher efficiency, two operating advantages that especially appeal to cancer treatment providers. Their high reliability and performance also attract many end-users. We provide everything from a pure high-voltage pulse modulator to a turn-key RF unit including magnetron, control system and related components.


Pulse generator systems ScandiNova's PG-series includes both standard pulse generators, like PG 200, and thanks to our modular design, also customized solutions that handle a wide range of needs all the way up to 100kW (average power). Our products are easy to integrate and equipped with ScandiNova's modern and user friendly control system - ScandiCAT™. The products within the PG-series have a very resistant casing to withstand demanding industrial applications which make them a perfect choice for PEF in food processing. Read more about our PEF offering


E-gun modulators. Solid-state modulators for driving E-guns in a wide range of linac applications including high energy physics, radiation therapy, cargo inspection, industrial X-ray and sterilization. ScandiNova E-gun modulators are maintanance-free with a very high reliability and also protected against any stress from the E-gun. The modulators are equipped with ScandiNova’s high-end control system with a very user friendly interface featuring a wide range of different shape modifications for every pulse. Voltage level, pulse width, amplitude and frequency can easily be changed, giving end-users great possibilities to optimise the E-gun. 

RF power units

From a pure high voltage pulse modulator all the way to a turn-key RF unit

As one of the few players in the market, ScandiNova has the capability to offer a complete optimized RF system. The integration of subsystems and components is made with the skills earned through our background in the accelerator industry and make the use of these RF systems adapted to the needs of the RF engineer. 

ScandiNova integrates sets of subsystems, such as focusing solenoid power supplies, vacuum power supplies, RF amplifiers, directional couplers etc and controls them with our specially designed control system ScandiCAT™. The table below shows the possible RF configuration for a Klystron pulse modulator system. We also provide turn-key Magnetron pulse modulator systems based on your needs. 

Our well-working collaboration with leading suppliers and partners secures a robust solution that meets the high market demands. 

Picture: Installation of 19 ScandiNova RF units at MaxIV in Lund, Sweden

pulse modulators for most klystrons and magnetrons

Thanks to ScandiNova's wide range of pulse modulators and our modular and flexible design we can offer modulators that fit most of the klystrons / magnetrons on the market, from suppliers such as Toshiba, Thales, CPI and E2V. See compilation of the most common combinations. 

ScandiNova Pulse modulators and Klystrons / Magnetrons - compilation

Functional Description 

The CCPS is the main power source of the system. It converts the input AC mains power to a regulated DC voltage around 1000VDC. This DC Voltage is used to charge the Switch Unit. A trigger pulse gates all the Solid State switches in the Switch Unit and discharges the stored energy until the required pulse length is obtained. The switches are then turned off. 

This produces a primary pulse to the Pulse Transformer which transforms the voltage to the right level for the Load (i.e. Klystron, Magnetron, E-gun, PEF-load etc). 

All parts of the modulator are located inside a common enclosure, but only the pulse transformer and the load HV interface are surrounded by transformer oil inside a sealed tank. All essential electronics and parts such as the CCPS, Switching Units and Control System are all in air and therefore easily accessible.

World-leaders put their trust in our skills

Organizations who have put their trust in our expertise include the European Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) laboratory, the Maxlab electron accelerator laboratory for synchrotron radiation research, nuclear physics and accelerator physics, and Advanced Oncotherapy, where our modulators comprise a key part of the company’s particle therapy system for cancer treatment.

Optimized RF unit, CLIC WS 2016


high performance pulse generators and turnkey solutions for ELECTROPORATION and PEF in food processing 

ScandiNova offers modern, reliable and energy efficient pulse generators for Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) processing of food. We provide pulse generators, compact standard PEF chambers for research/testing purpose and complete PEF systems together with our partner Heat&Control.  

Our unique solid-state technology that have had great success in particle physics, cancer therapy and selected industrial applications is the basis of our offer also for electroporation. Our solutions are already succesfully installed in several PEF systems for research and production of potato chips.

Our proven technology makes it possible, where other technologies have not yet succeeded.

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ScandiNova offers pulse generators for electroporation of a variety of foods, such as potatoes, juice and olive oil. We offer both standard pulse generators and customized solutions that handle a wide range of needs all the way up to 100kW.  

With ScandiNova proven PulsTechnology inside, we garantee leading up time and minimized consumables. The unique solid-state technology also means compact devices easily integrated with high flexibility. All our generators within the PG-SERIES are equipped with ScandiNova's modern and user friendly control system - ScandiCAT™. The products also have a very resistant casing to withstand demanding industrial applications which make them a perfect choice for food processing. 

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Turn key solutions together with Heat and Control

Heat and Control, a world leading manufacturer and supplier of food processing and packaging systems and ScandiNova together deliver next generation Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) and Electroporation systems. The partnership combines Heat and Control's market leading expertise in food production equipment system and automation with ScandiNova's break-through technology and industry leading PEF solution.

Heat and Control's E-FLO™ electroporation system that features ScandiNova PEF solution, will bring a new approach to product quality, line efficiency and energy savings. Initially, targeting the potato product sector (snack food, frensch fries and other potato products). 

For more information and references, please take contact with:

Douglas Eaton, Business Area manager, 
+1 (702) 498 96 75

Press release about partnership
Heat & Control website 

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PEF Chambers for research & testing

ScandiNova offers dedicated solutions for research & testing of the PEF technology. Our solutions, including a pulse generator and a PEF chamber prototype, can easily be adopted to your specific needs regarding type of food, size and pulse specifications.

Electroporation of food offers many benefits compared to traditional thermal heating including energy savings, increased product quality and reduction of acrylamide. However, since the technology is recently introduced to the food processing industry, both research institutes and food processing manufacturers are performing intensive research to refine and optimise the technology for different types of foods. ScandiNova's research solutions are already installed at several institutes, thus contributing to new insights.  

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PEF - New possibilities for the food industry

What is PEF?

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) is a method for processing cells by means of brief pulses of a strong electric field. The electric field perforates the cell walls of the food creating micro holes that allow asparagine and reducing sugars to be washed out of the potato in cold water wash. In most cases, eliminating/reducing the need to blanch in the preparation of products prior to further processing.

The methodolgy has been widely used in the medtech area and is now on its way to becoming an established method even in the food industry. PEF technology aims to offer consumers high-quality foods (e.g. potatoes, olive oil and fruit juices) and is considered superior to traditional thermal processing methods. 

Benefits of using PEF technology in potato products such as french fries and chips: Lower acrylamide, lower oil content, higher yield, crunchier texture and lower processing costs

Solutions for all kinds of food

In principle, ScandiNova's PEF technology can be applied to all types of food. Initially our focus will be on the consumer potato products sector, chips, french fries and other potato products. 

ScandiNova's cutting edge technology enables PEF

The Pulse Modulators from ScandiNova support the establishment of the PEF method within the food industry. Our unique Solid-state technology offers compact and durable products and the perfect pulse also leads to high energy efficiency. This makes PEF possible where old techniques have not yet succeeded. In addition to increased food quality, PEF also leads to energy and environmental savings, which are strong driving forces for our product development.

Read more about ScandiNova's patented technology

Control system

Get full control over your system

ScandiNova's user friendly and versatile Control System with integrated Digitizer gives you all possibilities to manage and adjust your system with optimized performance

All new ScandiNova pulse modulators and pulse generators are equipped with a user-friendly and modern control system for calibration, diagnostics and adjustments.

The system offers a wide range of different shape modifications. Amplitude, pulse width and frequency can easily be changed and visualized on the user friendly GUI. The system also provides an overview of status for key functionality/components, Trig, Interlocks and Real-time event log. With EtherCAT remote control (option) it is also possible to set different voltage levels for each individual pulse. 

The Klystron modulators (K-series) and the Pulse generators (PG-series) are equipped with a large touch screen and remote control functionality. The control system for the Magnetron modulators (M-series) is operated by a PC interface. 

Reflected power interlocks and RF power measurements with ScandiNova RF Digitizer

With ScandiNova Digitizer inside you get a comprehensive real-time diagnostic tool without the need for further equipment such as a separate oscilloscope.

The RF Digitizer Unit (RFDU) measures forward and reflected RF power in the waveguide, displayed on the GUI of the modulator (see above). It also interlocks the modulator when the reflected power exceeds a pre-set threshold. 

Graphs/Waveforms of pulse voltage and current as well as RF values are shown on the GUI.  Four RF values are diplayed; Klystron output power, Reflected RF power in the waveguide, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio in the waveguide and RF Pulse length. For some systems and on special request, the Klystron Drive Power is also included. 

The RF Digitizer Unit is a perfect choice for both development projects and for securing high performance of a market ready system. 

ScandiCAT™ - standard solution with comprehensive functionality

ScandiCAT™ is ScandiNovas control system for the Klystron modulators (K-series) and Pulse generators (PG-series).

ScandiCAT is is based on the industrial communication bus EtherCAT, and offers all the benefits of a standard PLC solution.

  • Flexible communication interface (default is ModbusTCP and EtherCAT) up to 1kHz rate
  • Local/Remote control and diagnostics prepared for Internet accessibility  
  • Possibility to diagnose/support via internet
  • Fast Trig&Interlock system with low jitter
  • Hard-wired control & Safety including Klystron safety
  • Three different access levels: Operator, Admin and ScandiNova
  • Flexible and future proof

With ScandiCAT™, you can be confident to get a control system that is flexible, easy to adapt to your overall system, future-proof and scalable. For complete user experience, the GUI can also be customized to your specific needs.