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About Scandinova

ScandiNova is by its break-through technology a world leader in development and production of Pulsed Power Systems with high power levels. The product range covers pulse modulators, pulse generators, turn key radio frequency (RF) systems and e-gun modulators. All with solid-state technology.



Our solutions have a key function in several scientific applications, in cancer treatment (radiotherapy), cargo inspection, non-destructive testing, industrial X-ray, sterilization and in other industrial applications. More than 95% of the production is exported to clients in 40 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and North America. To date we have delivered more than 500 solid-state systems to around 100 customers.

Our products stand for precision and reliability. The unique technology has also enabled compact and user friendly modulators with low energy consumption. For the full experience, we have also added a nice design.

ScandiNova Systems AB, a spin-off from Scanditronix, was founded in 2001, by people with long commercial and technical experience in pulsed power applications.

ScandiNova has its head-office in Uppsala, Sweden and sales representatives in each sales region over the world. The company has established a global network of collaborations with highly skilled and experienced partners covering industry, academia and research organisations such as CERN in Europe, Lawrence Livermore and Brookhaven National Laboratories in the US.

Our success is made possible through an innovative business climate with focus on accuracy and close cooperation with customers and other stakeholders.

We make stable, high-precision pulsed power available and affordable everywhere!

Vision – the obvious choice

To create innovative yet reliable solid-state technologies and use the benefits of optimized high-quality pulsed power to significantly improve product performance in fields such as particle physics, medical technology and selected industrial sectors.

Mission – enabling our customers to reach NEW limits

Based on cutting-edge technologies and qualified support, be the dominant worldwide supplier of high-precision, pulsed-power systems that enable end-users to reach out and grasp product innovations beyond their normal expectations.


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Quality policy

Environmental policy

ISO 9001&14001




From innovative idea to world-leader in Pulsed Power Systems

Our story begins with Scanditronix

ScandiNova originated in Scanditronix, a Swedish industrial manufacturer that laid the ground for many famous and successful companies such as Elekta, GE GEMS PET Systems, Ion Beam Applications (IBA), Scandidos etc. A number of ScandiNova’s employees previously worked at Scanditronix and therefore possess extensive experience and key knowledge of accelerator systems and their applications.

A founder with vision

Mikael Lindholm, today Marketing & Sales Director, is one of ScandiNova’s founders. During the 80s and 90s, Mikael worked at Scanditronix as project manager responsible for the company’s Microwave Systems. At that time, Scanditronix manufactured accelerator systems for a range of uses, including cancer therapy, industrial radiography and major research applications. Mikael saw a clear opportunity to improve the quality of the microwaves by developing a modern and better High Voltage pulse generator (a so-called Modulator). The technology existing at this time was built around Thyratrons (older electron gas-filled tube switches) and suffered from many drawbacks, including limited performance, bulky dimensions, high operating costs (due to the high price of energy) and limited life length (similar to an old light bulbs).

Mikael wanted to find a solid-state technology (semi-conductor) based solution to generate the ideal pulse, which would help end-users to enhance their applications significantly. The challenge, however, was how to handle the high voltage levels (in excess of 100,000 V) while still managing to protect the fragile solid-state switches.

The innovation

Via mutual friend David Woodburn, Mikael was introduced to the American inventor and high-voltage expert Walter Crewson. Walter had just come up with a new idea that enabled solid-state switches to handle high voltage levels by using a special transformer with a split core and letting the switches connect in parallel. This unique technology, not surprisingly called ‘Split Core’, soon replaced the old Thyratron-based systems in Scanditronix’s accelerator systems. Major improvements were obtained immediately in the form of better accelerator performance and greater reliability.

ScandiNova formed

In 2001, Mikael, David and Walter decided to form a new company – ScandiNova was born! The Split Core patent was acquired from Scanditronix, which was then owned by the Belgian company Ion Beam Applications. Since then, the technology has been continuously further developed and improved in terms of both hardware and software in close cooperation with end-users. A number of new patents have also been registered and granted.

Industrifonden, Sweden’s most experienced venture capital investor, became a part owner in 2003. In 2005, SE-Banken Venture Capital became the second principal owner.

ScandiNova today

Today, ScandiNova has more than 60 employees and, with installations around the globe, is the world-leader in Pulsed Power Systems. The dominant areas where ScandiNova’s modulators have so far met with great success are cancer treatment by radiation therapy, scanning cargo, industrial X-ray, electron sterilization, and as advanced RF Power sources in major scientific accelerator facilities (i.e. Synchrotrons, Free electron lasers, Gamma Sources etc). In addition, a number of new applications are being developed in other sectors, including the food industry. In 2015, ScandiNova sold its 400th pulse modulator. Our vision is to continue to be the leading player in the field of Pulsed Power, evolving constantly to help our customers develop their applications and reach beyond existing limits.

Split Core Technology ScandiNova Systems


OUR values


Innovation is the foundation for our business and the main reason why we can provide world-class products and solutions. From the start there has been a strong willingness to take the pulsed power technology to new levels and to create a perfect pulse. Our invention of a new transformer with split-core and parallel switching has consequently changed the market prerequisites.

But it’s not only about ground breaking product inventions. We are driven by constant development and to always challenge ourselves in all aspects of our business. It can be about new features, improved usability, general product inventions but it may also involve improvements in production, testing and support.

Our customers shall feel confident in that they have hired a vendor at the forefront, offering affordable products and solutions with superior performance.


Collaboration is one of our values upon we commit to base all our relationships. Our customers and partners are our primary source of inspiration and a prerequisite for our innovative culture. Deep knowledge about our customers’ and end-customers’ challenges needs and market conditions set the standards for our business development.

We always involve customers in our product development, listen and adapt. This philosophy is also applied when we work together with our suppliers and other external relationships as well as between colleagues. All disciplines within the company work closely together and in a spirit of teamwork to achieve common goals.


Thoroughness permeates all aspects of our operations and the basis for delivering high quality solutions on-time.  Regardless of whether it’s a customised stand alone solution or standard high volume contract, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers on-time delivery and support in an efficient way. Our thoroughness is embedded in all part of or business, including sales, project management, production, delivery and support. We have well-defined processes and methods that ensure quality and consistency. 


Global sustainability and responsibility 

For ScandiNova Quality and Sustainability is about running and developing a business with high customer satisfaction that is sustainable for our customers, environment and employees.

ISO 9001/14001 certified

ScandiNova is certified to ISO 14001, the framework for a holistic and strategic approach to an organization's environmental policy. We believe that currently, we are the only environmental-certified pulse mdulator supplier in the industry. In addition, we are certified according to the quality and management standard ISO 9001. 

ISO 9001/14001

To further develop our customer relationships and meet our customers' needs in the best way we conduct regular surveys, using the NPS methodology. (2016 results)

Quality policy

To provide solid-state modulators that meet the customers requirements with efficiency and consistency

  • Produce pulse generators for high power (Modulators) that are based on Solid State technology
  • Provide products that comply with the customer requirements which includes;
    • Requirements on performance, size, weight, interface etc
    • Contractual requirements i.e. delivery time, quantities, warranty etc
    • Legal requirements and standards i.e. CE-marking, electrical safety, environment requirements, applicable laws and regulations etc
  • Products shall be produced in an efficient way, so that the company becomes competitive, profitable and our customer is satisfied with our lead times. The efficiency also means that we are continuously improving our QA-system, documented in the Management reviews.
  • Products shall be produced with such quality, so that when products are made in quantities all the products shall have the same (consistent) performance.

Environmental policy 

ScandiNova strives for continues improvements and pollution prevention by:

  • Considering environmental impacts when developing our products, including attempting to minimize product energy consumption and choose materials and components that are better for the environment.
  • Adjusting our travel and deliveries, for example through coordination and choice of transport supplier.
  • Building high quality products, we reduce the number of service travels.
  • Choosing eco-labeled production and office supplies, energy-efficient electrical equipment and chemicals with as little environmental impact as possible.
  • Recycling the waste generated in the business.
  • Complying with applicable environmental regulations and other environmental requirements.


Sustainable solutions

The ScandiNova technology substantially reduces environmental impact of pulse generation. The power used for generating pulses is minimised due to improved power efficiency. This also decreases the need for cooling water and air conditioning. Customers experience at least 30% reduction in direct energy consumption continuously over the modulator lifetime. No consumables are used in the day to day operations and all use of consumables are minimized. In addition the space needed for the modulator is significantly reduced, resulting in simplified integration and construction work.

Attractive employer

Technology is important, but our success is primarily driven by our employees. In keeping with our core values, we strive to continuously evolve and stay at the forefront of developments, two factors made possible by close collaboration between colleagues as well as with customers and other stakeholders. We also aim to maintain a dynamic and respectful environment where everyone’s contributions are taken into consideration; we are open-minded to hearing both new conceptual ideas and views on specific issues.

We also ensure that all employees are able to develop within the company; it’s through their development that our products also evolve and progress. As an international company with the majority of sales outside Sweden, we encounter many different languages and cultures. This puts extra demands on the diversity of our employees, which in turn creates an exciting, dynamic culture essential to maintaining our leading position.

Personal safety 

Stability and a stable working condition were part of the initial concepts from ScandiNova. The Split Core™ concept has minimized the risks for personal and collateral damages and reduced the risk of fire. The modulator has a built in protection against arcs in the load. It is a unique feature that puts safety first.

Customer measurement / NPS study

Read about our results from the 2016 Measurement

executive Management

Fredrik Mella

Fredrik Mella


Mikael LIndholm

Mikael LIndholm

Senior Vice President, Sales&Marketing

Richard Hallström

Richard Hallström


Ulrika Kroon

Ulrika Kroon

QA/HR Manager

Klas Elmquist

Klas Elmquist

R&D Director

Per Benkowski

Per Benkowski

Deputy R&D Director, IT Manager


Andreas Wallner

Andreas Wallner


Anders Larsson

Anders Larsson

Business Area Manager - Medtech

Board of Directors

Per-Erik Mohlin

Per-Erik Mohlin


Per-Erik Mohlin, born 1946. MSc from The Swedish Royal Institute of Technology. Former CEO of Volvo Aero and Volvo Car Corporation and EVP of AB Volvo. Chairman of Rail & Road Protec GmbH. Member of Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Per Anell

Per Anell

Per Anell is Investment Manager at Industrifonden, one of Swedens leading venture capital firms, which he joined 2014. He started his career as an IP consultant, moved into robotics and automation and then later joined startups Proximion Fiber Optics and Mamea Imaging where he held different senior positions. Since entering the venture capital industry in 2008 he has gained years of experience from board management with a particular focus on deeptech companies. Per holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Lund University. Board member in ScandiNova since may 2018.

Ulf Lewander

Ulf Lewander

Ulf Lewander is Investment Manager at SEB Venture Capital with focus on Technology investments. Ulf joined SEB Venture Capital in 1999. Prior to this, he worked as a client executive and account manager with corporate clients at SEB. Ulf has participated in over 15 transactions and has been involved in successful exits such as Coresonic and PhaseIn. Ulf received a B.S. in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University in 1992.Ulf is a Board member in ScandiNova since: May 2013

Bengt Engström

Bengt Engström

Previous positions: Has held a number of executive positions at several companies, both in Sweden and globally, for example President Whirlpool Europe, Director Bofors AB, CEO Duni AB and President Fujitsu Nordic.

Other assignments: Chairman of BEngström AB, Partner Tech AB. and Scandinavian Executive AB. Board member of Bure Equity, Cream International, Advania, ScandiNova and Picshare AB

Lars-Göran Johansson

Lars-Göran Johansson

Chairman of about ten family owned companies and board member of another five companies. Former President of the wheelchair manufacturer Scandinavian Mobility AB. The past 20 years, own consulting firm within interim management and board assignments.


Mikael Lindholm

Mikael Lindholm

Mikael Lindholm, born 1964. Master of Science in Physics from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. Started in 1988 working with Sales, R&D and Production of accelerator systems at Scanditronix, Uppsala. Developed the new Solid State technology together with the inventor Walter Crewson, USA and co-inventor David Woodburn in 1995. Founding ScandiNova systems in 2001 together with key-people.

investor relations


ScandiNova is mainly owned by two Venture Capital investors, Industrifonden and SEB Venture Capital


Industrifonden is an independent evergreen venture capital fund that was founded 1979 and with assets of 500MUSD. The fund invests in companies with international growth potential in the ICT, Life Science, Industrial Ventures and Cleantech sectors. It has holdings in about 100 companies.


SEB Venture Capital is the venture capital arm of ”Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken” an established financial group in Northern Europe founded in 1856. SEB Venture Capital was founded in 1995 and have invested over SEK 3bn in 100 companies. It operates as an evergreen fund and invests in companies with substantial growth potential. See website.


ScandiNova welcomes highly qualified and talented professionals, eager to be challenged in an entrepreneurial setting and willing to work in a dynamic and team-oriented environment. Please send your application including CV and personal letter to ScandiNova headquarters. We accept applications in both Swedish and English.

T: +46 (0)18 480 59 00



ScandiNova’s expanderar kraftigt och söker nu en montör med gedigen erfarenhet av mekanik och elektronikmontering till produktionsavdelningen.
Plats: Uppsala
Sista ansökningsdag: 2018-08-31



ScandiNova söker en teknisk inköpare som får en nyckelroll i utvecklingen av vårt Supply Chain team. 
Plats: Uppsala
Sista ansökningsdag: 2018-08-31